Monday, June 24, 2013

[Video] Quiet night at the library (H/G/Hr)

Hey guys,
sorry for the delay, it took a little longer because working with custom poses can be a real pain in the ass sometimes and really time consuming, especially when applied to certain models with which they didn't match so well in the first place.
Anyway, here is the first video now. I hope it's to your liking :)

For those of you who don't like the speech bubbles and think they distract too much from the action, I want to say, it's really the only possible way to make their lips move when they talk, except for the standard voice sounds but these cannot be changed.
The alternative for the dialogue captions is to do them like subtitles in the bottom center of the screen but that will result in no mouth movement at all. So, I will eventually use a combination of all three, for certain situations when the speaking person isn't in the screen like in a first person point of view, there will be subtitles, and speech bubbles/voice sounds for everything else.

Have fun watching and let me know what you think in the comments!
So long, cheers!


- better quality
- full screen (no black borders)
- improved & additional poses
- more dialogue


Name: Quiet night at the library
Duration: 27:25 min
Size: 1.31 GB
Summary: Harry is sitting in the library, trying to learn for potions when suddenly he is distracted in a most pleasant way
Pairing: Harry/Ginny/Hermione

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  1. mmm.... well apart from the hour long wait that I had to sit for the download, It wasn't so bad. A good way for Harry to take a break from a potions essay.
    Like it, but I prefer the small animated gif's better.

    Here's an idea. Harry sitting in a chair with Luna, Ginny and Hermione on the floor sitting around him naked. Or having a lot of girls sitting around Harry naked.

    And another Idea. Ginny, Hermione and Luna with pregnant bellies. (Father is Harry of course)

    Good luck with more pictures, Gif's and video's.

    1. Wow, thanks for your extensive feedback and suggestions =)
      There will of course still be gifs as well, but these are only for small glimpses of a few seconds, for anything longer, videos are necessary.

      Currently, the technical possible maximum number of persons per scene is limited to three, for more you'll have to use excessive blending and interlacing multiple scenes into one which is very difficult and time consuming. I'll try that eventually as soon as I have a little more free time to test it, but for now, 3 persons per scene is the maximum right now.

      Apart from that, your ideas sound interesting enough and I will consider them for making some more gifs :)

      Thanks and I hope you'll continue enjoying it :)

    2. The only things that were a bit of a downer was the sound effects and sometimes the faces of the girls. But I look forward to more gifs and video's (and pictures to ;))

    3. You mean the voice sounds? True, they're a bit cheesy and not very original, but I think they fit the characters quite well so far. There are not much other sounds you can use however, so you have to fill the gaps in between somehow, otherwise it'll be a silent movie and that's even more boring :S
      Yeah, the faces were sometimes a bit strange (or frightening :O), but I hope to improve that in the future ^_^

    4. okay, you got me there. A silent movie would be boring.
      But keep up the good work.

  2. Don't know if reencoding would give a smaller file. Will try this and give you a response. ~350MB for ~15min looks a bit much.

    For themes, personally I would like to see more Luna. Maybe a Luna/Cho lesbian double.

    And maybe you should give Ginny a bit more copper colored red hair. Personally I find it to red.

    1. I'm using the Xvid-MPEG4 Codec and resolution is 1280x720. I think that's pretty normal size for a video at the moment. If you manage to reduce the size further, you're of course welcome to tell how :)

      Ok, that pairing wasn't listed in the poll and now I'm really angry that I forgot about it :X But it will eventually come too, no doubt.

      Yeah, I have also a model of Ginny with a more copperish hair color which I was planning to use for the Ron/Ginny pairing but if you guys want it to be the general model, maybe there'll be a poll for Ginny too so you can decide which one will be used.

    2. Yes, saw that also after my post. Maybe also post an additional low res version.

    3. Mmm, we'll see, maybe for the real long/big videos... with the free one-click-hosters it may take a pretty long time...what internet connection do you have?

  3. Just perfect. I don't have a complaint about the size, because the quality was good.

  4. Great! I'm looking forward for more smexy Videos :-D
    Quality is good too!
    What's next? Harry/Fleur or something else?
    Keep up the good work, dude!

  5. Wow the video was perfect buddy.....plzz can the next video be a lesbian threesome between ginny hermione and luna..:D

    1. Thanks =)
      The next video is already reserved for Harry/Fleur but maybe afterwards :)

  6. Just watched the newer version.
    Looks amazing. Both girls enjoy Harry to the Max.
    And Harry enjoys the girls to the Max.
    Nice new scenes.
    Hope this will keep us satisfied until the new video.

    1. Thanks SimplyRV, glad you like it!
      The quality just wasn't good before, but back then it couldn't be done any better. Now it's just great! Both girls have such a great time, in reality no guy could take these babes for as long as Harry did here! What a stud!
      Hopefully the next video won't take too long!

  7. That was insane!!! OH, gods, your best work ever! And Harry actually got to deflower Ginny. The detail was so great, and it's nice that each of them got to have Harry inside them at least twice. The one little thing I liked better from the original was Hermione's really shaggy bush, so I guess Ginny gave her a trim before they got it on.

    As much as I like these little surprises (this one and Luna) I hope you started on Harry/Fleur/Gabrielle and finish Supergirl. Is Supergirl going to be the one currently on TV or the good old one from 60s comix? There's really sexy about such a virginal version of her.

    If you ever feel like redoing Harry and Ginny at the Burrow, I'll be right there. I'd like a lot more up between legs shots.

    Well, I'm going to watch it again. Thanks so much, buddy.

    1. Thanks pettybureaucrat, glad you enjoyed it so much!
      I also liked the change that Harry actually took Ginny's virginity, it's a nice touch being the first video and all.

      Yup, had to fix her bush cause people didn't seem to like it very much :P

      I hope, I can start on that H/Fl/Ga video very soon! I posted some preview pictures for the Supergirl video, I tried to come up with my own version of her, I hope she turned out alright!

      The Harry/Ginny Burrow video will be reworked too, there's still much potential for improvement. I'll take your between leg shots as advice!

      You're welcome and don't exhaust yourself!

    2. Supergirl looks yummy. A bit like Fleur and, yes, you caught a bit of the original 60s SG, too. Nicely done, I'm anxious for the whole video.

  8. I like your revision. Harry's weak whining was hillarious! However, there was still that part when Ginny strangely disappears while Hermione is riding Harry on the couch. Did she have to pee? Oh well, whatever. Of all the videos for you to revisit, I sorta felt that the Fleur video needed reworked more than this; but, this was still a fine revision and a scorcher of a production.

    1. Thanks, glad you like it! Poor lad, can you blame him? There's only so much a man can handle! Haha good catch with missing Ginny, I just wasn't in the mood to work her into that pose but yeah, she probably had to pee :P
      Yep, the Fleur video will be reworked next, it's just as bad as this was before >.<

  9. The new version was great. I loved the new poses (especially the ones at the end with both girls on top)and extra dialogue. The best part about this was the smoother animations and the upgraded details.

    Man, Harry is really the luckiest guy in the world... Also, the original red hair was sexy but the new red hair suits Ginny better. And Hr was great as always...

    I'm looking forward to the next reworked one. Especially the Fleur one. The one thing I'd like to see especially in that one is a better background. I know it is supposed to be in a school's bathroom but still in some scenes it felt like they were doing it in a white background. Though I hope the next one is the H/F/G vid.

    I was reading the comments above... The pregnant one sounds interesting.

    And as always, thanks for your work man..

    Less than 2000 views to reach 800K... I'm excited to see the next special...

    1. Thanks D3M, glad you like it! I agree, the new and improved poses look really good and the quality is great too!

      Yes, he definitely is! He's drowning in pussy!

      For the reworked Fleur video I'll have to see what can be done with the camera, so it doesn't look like white background!

      So, Harry sitting in a chair and the three girls around him pregnant? Hmm, should be possible!

      You're very welcome!

  10. This was already one of my top favorites and now that it's so much better it may be the best! Really sharp, and my favorite girls look so smooth and amazing. I loved all the new dialog. I loved all the additional positions, but Hermione's ass has never looked better than when she's riding Harry reverse cowgirl on the couch with ginny in front of her. The straight pov double blowjob at the end also stands out. It's all super hot!

    1. Thanks Hermione Granger, glad you enjoy it! Yep, now the quality is finally how I always wanted it to be, it took some time to work it out, but in the end it payed off! Good to see it in such fashion and the girls are simply savouring every last moment! Personally they're both my favourite girls too and Harry got his fair share of pussy out of them! Excellent!