Tuesday, January 3, 2017

[Video] Merry Christmas 2016

Better late than never, welcome to 2017 everyone!
(Yes, now it's official, I suck at keeping deadlines!)
I hope you all had a merry christmas and got some nice presents from your friends and loved ones!
Really sorry for postponing it so much, but family meeting took longer than expected
and on top of that, I had to work the whole last week because a co-worker was sick! :(
Also it seems that I greatly miscalculated the postproduction time and how long the Secret Love video
would take after all. Bad planning from my side overall, blame me all you want!

Anyway, here is your present for this time of year, a nice long POV video with Hermione, Ginny and Lily
as you guys wanted. Used pretty much every POV pose I have at my disposal right now!
Gifs with single scenes are coming later and after that the Secret Love alternative version with Daphne!
And after that we can finally (!) and completely focus on that Veela Nature video.
French translation guy who generously offered his help, I hope you're still around, need you soon :D
Again, sorry for the inconvenience!
Thanks for your feedback and I wish you all a happy new year! :)


Name: Merry Christmas 2016
Duration: 64:14 min
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  1. That's the sort of Xmas present I always wanted when I was a teenager. Loved all three of them, and I'm sure Harry did too. Loved Hermione's very hairy snatch and Ginny and Lily's red swatches. Not a whole lot else to say except thanks for the really great Xmas gift.

    Looking forward to Fleur and Gabrielle getting it on with our favorite wizard. And the Daphne Secret Love video.

    Hope you had a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. This video certainly cheered me up!

  2. That's a nice present you gave us. The ladies look great. Makes it really hard to choose your fav.

    There's something really sexy about the Xmas outfits. LS, can you make a picture of all the girls in Xmas costumes? They don't have to be independent pics. You can make it a collective one like the one you did before (Nude/non-nude).

    And for future, you don't have to worry about not being on time. RL happens to all of us. I would rather prefer it delayed and close to perfection than it being rushed (Something that most game developers don't get).

    Looking forward to your next work(s). And I hope you hade a Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year.

  3. nicely done. I can understand why it took some time.
    But art can't be rushed.
    It was a lot of fun, Watching the three young ladies having their wicked way with the snow spewing cock.
    Hope you had a great Christmas and a great new year.

  4. Wow, that was totally worth the waiting. This is definitely your best video. I could watch it all day. Ginny and Lily on the screen together? That is like real Xmas :D Thank you and Happy New Year.

  5. Plz put it on xvideos

  6. nice video. I especially loved the Lily part of the video. Can't wait for the Harry/Lily video that you have planned.

    1. Thanks Smaster S, glad you like it!
      That seems to be a much awaited video and I hope I can start working on it soon!

  7. Really good video, as always.

    I read that you need someone to be a French Translator guy. I'm not the one who did the previous translation, but I can do the same job as he did. If you're interested, let me know about it.

    I'm a silent fan from the beginning and I would really love to help you out.

  8. You mentioned that you will make some GIFS,but the thing is about scenes of the video or the GIFS are something different like requests. Thank you for your time doing this.Is tottaly one of your best work. Maybe one of these days you can made a video with the filmmaker but for now is tottaly awesome your work but for i can see is difficult and timeconsuming. But other than that keep the good work,merty christmas and a very happy new year.

  9. Cool! Three girls all in one video

    I don't know if its okay for requests but can you make a video of Hermione in her Yule Ball gown teasing with her feet or maybe a video of Lucy or Susan from Narnia?

    Anyway thanks fkr the anticipated video and Happy New Year!

    1. Narnia is such a nice idea !
      Susan... <3

  10. Brilliant as always loyalservant. I fore one am looking forward to this year and your videos, good luck and have a fantastic year!

    1. Thank you very much Spartan! Hopefully this year will be a little more productive in regards to videos than the last!
      Same to you!

  11. A lovely christmas gift, thank you.

  12. Nice video !(much longer than I expected, I'm glad I waited :D)
    And of course, I'm still there to provide any french translation !
    Just in case you couldn't find my other comment, here's my adress again : trollog01@gmail.com ;)

  13. Great work, as always!
    Do not worry about the delay, you are dedicating your free time to this and you don't get paid from it, we all relly appreciate what you do for us!

    If it is possible to ask, for future videos: would it be possible to have some pictures as well? I really like the 3D pics you make.

    Hope you had a wonderful christmas holiday!

  14. Best one yet thank u

  15. Beautiful, great job... Can't wait until A Veela Nature! (quick question, where'll you get Fleur's/ Gab's voices from?)

    1. TK17 have other languages available for models in the game.

    2. Yup, as P+P explained there's a good selection of voices in many different languages from which you can choose, including French voices.

  16. good job again! can you tell me how you make 3 girls and guy at the end when 4some is not possible? thx!

    1. Thank you! That's fairly simple: it's just a split screen with two separate scenes combined, one with Ginny + male and one with Hermione/Lily + male. Notice the particular angle where the screen is divided in half. Hope that helped!

  17. A splendid work ! Love what you do ! would you please consider this making a future project.I don't mind waiting for 5 years if it takes that much time , but this is a really good story that I have read and it's amazing ! This story has 3 chapters , I would love it if you make a 3-4 hour long movie out of it , or make it a series , but I think it would be great , people also love a series , I obviously loved the secret affair ! My request is that you make every sex scenarios in it even the little one & give them your amazing mindful imagination and lengthen them ,from start to end , from past to future , everything , I would even love it if you would add action scenes and other drama also ! I know what I am requesting is pretty huge , but if you give 1 hours to make a video please give at least 5 minutes of it on this project , even though if it takes years to finish this , I won't mind , I will wait !! But please consider making this project ! This is the link
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    Please make it.I would appreciate it.
    I Am DRUTO!

    1. Sorry, I can't see the story under that link, it's all blank!
      Please try again or post the story somewhere else so I can give it a read, thanks!

    2. https://www.hpfanficarchive.com/stories/viewstory.php?sid=396&chapter=1

    3. This site is taking longer to load nowadays !!

      Can you see it now ??

    4. If you still can't see it now , tell me , I will copy and paste whole story in here for you .

  18. How long until we get the Daphne Video ?

  19. If you still can't see it , tell me I will copy paste whole story in here !!!

  20. Could you make a picture with all girls showing her feet like the picture of ginny,hermione and luna?