[Video] Emma Watson's Secret Sex Tape (POV)

Name: Emma Watson's Secret Sex Tape (POV)
Duration: 61:45 min
Size: 819 MB
Summary: A young freelancer gets lucky when an unexpected famous guest shows up at his party

This video does NOT reflect the real behaviour of EW nor does it try to disrespect her or her status as a fine young woman in any way. It's pure fantasy, has never happened and is just for entertainment purpose only.

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  1. So, you weren't going to post it here, initially? Yeah, I can understand that it might be a 'little delicate'. Some might take offense to your portrayal of EW. Even I can't resonate with her character in the vid. But hey, like you said, it's pure fantasy and it IS just for entertainment purposes.

    And funnily, even though its EW, after watching so many of your Hermione videos, it was very hard for me to see the character as her and except for the scenes with dialogue, I really thought it was Hermione :D

    1. Also, I think if people complain, you can delete the vid. Or maybe like a timed-exclusive vid.

    2. We will just see how things turn out :)
      Welp, yeah I reckon she wouldn't react this way since she seems to be a pretty nice person from what I can tell. But hey, it's all fun and games, no harm done!
      If I gave her long hair, she really would be looking like Hermione :P

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  3. Even I fantasize about her. This is nice and sexy ;-)

    Could you possibly do one on the Fanning twins in the near future?

  4. Another great video! It was easy to think of her as Emma and not Hermione, and you didn't even have to change much about her. I love all the variety in this one, you really covered a lot of ground. And you covered a lot of Emma with cum. Haha! All good things. Keep making the best Emma/Hermione vids online. Oh, I just gave myself an idea. A video where the worlds crossover and Emma gets together with Hermione for some hot girl/girl action. I know you're busy,so it's not a request. Just something to keep in mind and maybe you could do it one day. Really enjoyed this!

  5. How about some Bellatrix Lestrange, she's super hot

  6. Maybe you could do a video with Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe.

  7. Excellent work, you should do another one. Maybe a casting couch(wink) or a day in the life etc.