Tuesday, July 12, 2016

[Video] Thanks for 1 Million views

Thank you all very much for 1 Million page views, you guys are awesome (and sorry to keep you all waiting btw)!
This one's a mix between previews for upcoming videos and some single suggestions from the last post.
I haven't realized all your ideas in this video, the rest is kept for future gifs/specials.
Keep in mind that some poses for the previews are not completed yet and therefore don't always look good,
they still need a lot of work! Feedback is of course always appreciated!
Right now I'm in the middle of my final exams and very busy until at least September, therefore I can't promise any new content anytime soon but I'll try my best. So, please don't keep asking when the next video is coming out, etc.
The Harry/Fleur/Gabrielle video is definitely next on the agenda after the swimsuit pic and the reworked Harry/Fleur video which shouldn't take too long as I'm not planning to use many new poses in it, it's mainly for quality reasons.
I'll probably skip the next 1.1M special as well because I want to fully concentrate on these issues first.
Thanks for your understanding!
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  1. Congrats on reaching the 1 million.
    Some parts were fun, but others were not.
    I liked the sex-ed preview. I Guess that Harry means something else, instead of learning how to fuck....

    1. Thanks SimplyRV!
      As always, you can not meet everyone's taste but I'm glad you enjoyed some bits of it!
      Yeah, Harry probably just expected a little more decent advice and not the full brute force method :D

  2. Thanks for the brilliant collection, there was something for everyone.

    I especially liked 'Sex Ed' and 'Girls' Locker Room'. although poor Katie never got any Harry cock. And I'm very much looking forward to the long version of Sex Ed. Harry's such a good student, isn't he?

    Same problem for Hannah -- two episodes, but she was just the spectator. I really like the Susan, Hannah one. You should consider making a little longer version sometime.

    Your Romilda is simply gorgeous; I know it will be a long time coming, but I'm really looking forward to the long version of this clip.

    Ron and Harry giving it to Bellatrix was very satisfying. I hope Voldie put the Crucio on her for giving in to her lusts with the two of them.

    The 1st year Hermione scenes were very, very good. Her squeaky little girl voice was a nice touch.

    All the others were great as well.

    And the final scene with the three pregnant witches was very entertaining. Did Harry knock them all up in the same session of love making? Or did he do them on successive encounters? Somehow I think the three of the would gladly have shared Harry in the same bed at the same time.

    Good luck on your exams. These clips and an updated Harry/Fleur movie will keep me sated until you're done with the tests.

    1. Thanks pettybureaucrat, glad you like it!

      Poor Katie indeed, but she'll get his meat eventually.
      Yep, he's a good learner, and Hermione and Luna are both good teachers :)

      Romilda is such a selfish fangirl, she's got nothing else on her mind but to have Harry's famous cock inside of her!

      Bella probably got Voldie's order to extract information from her prisoners by 'all means necessary' and she took that liberty to do it her own way. I bet Harry and Ron didn't mind the 'torture' at all.

      1st year Hermione is very cute, no doubt.

      He probably knocked them up all in one go with a short break in between. I can't wait until foursome poses are available, then it's really getting interesting!

      Thanks and I hope I'm done with it soon.

  3. Again, congratulations on reaching 1 million views! Also congratulations on finishing the video, despite having not much time.
    The video itself was a triumph. It was awesome to see what videos you've planned. As you said yourself, some angles were off, but I trust you to fix these when you release the videos in full.
    Seeing Hermione giving sex ed is one of the hottest things I've ever seen, completely in character for her.
    Seeing what you did with all our suggestions was fun too. There were some surprises along the way. Amazing!
    I forgot how hot and sexy first year Hermione was, but you've reminded me firmly! Thanks!
    Weird thing to point out, but I couldn't help but notice the football (or soccer) field in the urinoirs, and thinking about Quidditch rings in the urinoirs instead... ;)
    Lastly, I wanted to say that I appreciate what you do for us a lot. If real life gets in the way, we'll wait. It's totally understandable. If this project has to take a back seat because of exams, it's only natural, really.
    I wish you good luck with your exams, and look forward to seeing anything else you have in store for us. Here's hoping you get all O marks! (Who got that reference?!)

    ~ Agent007

    1. Thanks Agent007, glad you like it!
      Yes, Hermione really likes to lecture other people and learn for herself as much as possible, even the naughty things.

      Yep, 1st year Hermione is very cute, no doubt.

      Haha, didn't notice these, but I doubt they're supposed to be soccer fields, good observation anyway :D

      Thank you very much again for your patience and kind words, I just hope everything's going well and it'll be finished soon.

      See ya around!

  4. Again, congrats on reaching 1M views, LS. It was an amazing journey!! Man, it's been really long. I remember I first found this site when you were doing those Ginny and Hermione face polls way back and I used to post as Anonymous. Thanks for making my interest in this series grow again, LS!

    That 'Sex-Ed' was awesome. Can't wait to see a full length vid of that one. And I'm glad you remembered my H/Original Hr/Pink Hr suggestion. I knew it would be hot but not this hot. The 2 Part series vid is another one I'm desperately waiting for. (Loved the twist on Doing Hermione a Favour.)

    I enjoyed the Locker Room scene and seeing the recent developments in your vid I'm sure the reworked Fleur vid will have an awesome background now.

    Susan/Hannah, Bellatrix one, Romilda got her dream, the femdom ones all were amazing. I also found the first year Hr ones better this time. And the icing on the cake, the pregnant ones. (I know this wasn't in the polls but I hope this pregnant one gets a full length vid spanning over 9-10 months time, detailing the journey)

    Seriously, awesome work, dude!

    Also, good luck on your exams. Focus on them for now. Those who appreciate your work will wait till September. Till next time...

    1. Thank you very much D3M, glad you like it so much!

      Oh, I didn't know you've been around for that long already, time flies by like nothing else, it seems.

      I liked that corresponding story as well (at least the first part) where Tonks takes Hermione's place and pretends to be her. It's just a very good inspiration to make a video out of it.

      Who hasn't dreamed on taking the Quidditch chicks all at once? They're all fabulous! And you got to make use of that Invisibility cloak somehow!

      Don't know if there will be a full length video of the pregnant girls some day, but it sounds interesting.

      Thanks for your patience and praise!

  5. Hey, i know that game, it's 3D SexVilla 2, right?, can you share models with me?

    1. Yep, that's it! Models can be downloaded on the left side bar!

  6. This looks nice. A compilation of scenarios in one video!

    I'll watch this later and come back to see what I think of it.

    Congrats on 1000k

    Take your time on these the longer the merrier ;)

    1. All of them were awesome!

      Boy, Harry sure gets alot of girls lucky!

      I loved 1st year Hermione's voice. Its so cute.

      Nice to have different varieties instead of just H/R/Hr

      Again thanks fokr making an half hour long video

    2. Thanks Darin Staley, glad you like it!
      Yep, 1st year Hermione is very cute, no doubt.
      Harry is the real pimp of Hogwarts, it seems, he gets them all!
      But other pairings are of course always a fresh option.
      Need to get more males into it quickly, like Seamus, Cedric, maybe Remus and Sirius as well!

  7. i expected harry bellatrix ONLY gifs not WITH ron

    1. Oops, sorry my bad, obviously didn't read your request carefully enough! :/
      For the next special there will be one Harry/Bellatrix gif then!

  8. hey, can you upload somewhere tk17 models you use? I'd like to use them in my own. I don't plan on using them to do movies. I don't have the eye for them

    1. Base Models can be downloaded now (on the left side bar if you haven't already noticed)

  9. He said earlier that he would do that only for those who would help him produce clips. He should stick to that idea and you should respect it. Anyway, with the exception of the H. R. HR. characters, I'm pretty sure the others are pulled from the model files and only lightly altered.

    1. I only asked. Didn't know about that

    2. Since that didn't make any difference until now, I decided to offer the base models for public use. Anyone who wants to help out is of course always free to do so.

  10. Nicely done. Worth the wait. Once again, I'm willing to make pics to help you out and gifs if you can tell me how you make them.


    1. Thanks JB, you're of course very welcome to help and contribute! For recording gifs/videos I'm using fraps and Sony Vegas for editing.

  11. will you be uploading it on your Xvideos.com account??

    1. Probably not, the quality is just too bad.
      I'll stick with pornhub for the future.

  12. I really appreaciate your movies. They are amazing.
    Good luck for your exams.

    Got a suggestion for 'Doing Hermione a Favour' ... Would really appreciate if Tonks could transform into harry and give hermione a DP later in the video. ;)

    cheers buddy. carry on the good work.

    1. Great idea! I hadn't even thought of that, but Tonks is like a wild card. Not only can Harry get it from two Hermione's but Hermione can get it from two Harry's! I hope we get to see that too!

    2. Thanks and yes, great idea!
      Lol, can you imagine Harry with pink hair??! Hilarious!
      Nah, just kidding, I'll stick with Harry's 'normal' appearance for both of them (maybe just after Tonks realizes her mistake and Harry is a little taken aback by that blunder)

  13. I'm a recent fan so I'm not sure if you've done it before but I wanted to say that I appreciated the addition of the m/m clips. I'm a fan of D/H so it was cool to see that come to life. Thanks for all the time and hard work you in to making our imaginations come to life. Good luck with exams!

    1. Hi there, welcome aboard then! Normally I'm not much into gay stuff but you gotta adapt to your audience sometimes! Thanks and see you around!

  14. Congratulations on your first million! Before you know it you'll be on to your second! Loved all of this video. Well, the gay scene's not for me, but it's smart to include that since it was requested and to expand your audience. Looks like there is some seriously hot stuff on the horizon.

    The Sex Ed video looks exciting. In the full length version it would be nice if Hermione stays in her uniform longer than the other two before she joins in. That way it builds suspense and you get to have two separate moments of dramatic reveal where a pretty girl is suddenly naked and ready for sex!

    Doing Hermione a Favor, more like doing two Hermione's, yay! Great idea for a scene. Maybe you could include a couple/few different shots where Harry comes on both of their pretty faces at once? Hot!

    Love the idea of being lost in limbo with a naked Hermione. Who wouldn't, right? This is probably the one I'm looking forward to the most! I would love to see even more pov shots in this one when it's finished. And plenty of hot dialogue.

    In that one scene Lavender sort of resembles Katniss Everdeen. Does anyone else think so? That would make a great pairing as well if you ever do cross over stuff. And if not it will still be hot to see more Hermione/Lavender scenes.

    The pregnant stuff was hot but unless I'm wrong it looks like maybe you forgot again to make their boobs bigger from their gained pregnancy weight. I'm still looking forward to seeing that. Still very hot stuff though.

    The ones with younger Hermione were really hot. I'm not crazy about her voice, but it was pretty cute. I just like her regular voice better.

    I like the idea of Pansy making Hermione her sex slave and I think it would make a great story line for a full length video. Or at least do some more gifs with captions that might explain how the pairing and situation came to be.

    Don't worry about taking your time if you need to. Great art can not be rushed. I better end this before it gets any longer. Very excited about everything coming up!

    1. Thanks Hermione Granger, glad you like it!
      Yeah, normally I'm not much into gay stuff but you gotta adapt to your audience sometimes!

      Yes, all good ideas, the full video will have more dialogue and buildup anyway, so that Hermione stays clothed for a while longer is only logical.

      Gosh darn, Harry you lucky son of a bitch, getting not only one but two Hermiones at the same time! There'll be plenty of room for more cumshot poses, including facials for both our lovely witches!

      If you loved that limbo bit, you should definitely check out the corresponding story of Leviathan0999 from which I got the inspiration, it's a great read!


      I have models of Katniss Everdeen/Jennifer Lawrence as well, maybe I will bring them in some day for some crossover or maybe something else!

      Aww shoot, you're right, I forgot to make them boobies bigger again for the pregnant girls :/ Oh well, for their next appearance I'll definitely remember that detail!

      I agree, the voice for young Hermione was a little bit off, but her adult voice didn't match with her young body either. So I used the higher pitched one.

      There's something going on between house rivalry that we're not aware of! Maybe Pansy is jealous of Hermione for screwing around with all the hot guys, including Malfoy? Or she's just bi and secretly into girls as well? Trying to compensate for her bad mood and reputation? Or pure simple hate? Whatever it is, it's going to be interesting!

      Thanks for your feedback and keep up the good work as well!
      Will be looking forward to that next story part of yours!

  15. I have another idea!

    A crossover of Hermione and Bella from Twilight. That would be interesting

    1. I'm thinking about introducing Bella soon, she's not part of the HP universe, but a crossover for 1 or 2 gifs seems not too much of a stretch.

  16. how about some harry/lily?

    1. There were already plenty of Harry/Lily gifs for the April Requests.
      As for a video, it'll come after the Harry/Fleur/Gabrielle video.

  17. http://www.hpfanficarchive.com/stories/viewstory.php?sid=1545
    That link is for you, if you cant think more ideas you can always check this one and make videos or Gifs based on those short stories. Sorry if I made some mistakes.

    1. I don't know how some garbage can be labeled "fan fiction". Hell, most ff I've seen for the past years, raises questions if the author is even literate. After browsing some of those stories, I wonder if those "fans" ever read the books. They just slap some names on a dirty story, that's all.

  18. When you say stick with pornhub for the future do you just mean for this video or all future videos??

  19. When is could be upload the picture?

  20. So, I've looked at it again, and it's still good.
    With the Chaser trio, I noticed the tattoo of Alicia on her neck. nice touch.
    When they discover Harry, it seems like they are breaking the fourth wall...
    And when Harry is busy with Katie and Alicia, he says. "Merling I love this sport." I would love Quidditch to, if I had such gorgeous girls on my team.
    The scene of 'Doing Hermione an favour' is a part of a fanfiction, right? If so.. I recognised it.
    Hermione punishing Lavender for trying to steal Ron from her. Nice transfiguration of her clit into a cock.
    The punishment of Hermione by Pansy was good to. Nice piercings on Pansy's body BTW.
    Bellatrix being punished for her crimes against Harry and Ron. She's getting the 'full' treatment.
    And young Hermione seems to be a natural. Very young yet sexy.

    1. Thanks RV!
      Ah, she wasn't supposed to have a tattoo there, sometimes the game places it there by itself, but eh whatever, maybe I'll keep it on her, doesn't look too bad :)

      Yep, Harry's the luckiest bloke alive, he could have them all, if he wanted too :)

      Yeah, it's based on a fanfiction with the same name written by erbkaiser.

      If anything, Hermione knows how to make good use of her Transfiguration classes.

      I love Pansy's goth look and her piercings as well!

      I bet Bellatrix didn't mind getting some 'punishment' from her prisoners!

      Young Hermione is indeed very sweet!

      Thanks for your feedback!

  21. Could u put it on xvideos

  22. I'm really not into slash but it was the young Hermione that freaked the hell out of me. It's obvious that you modeled the older Hermione after Emma Watson so why wasn't that good enough to do the younger version off of too? The model you used for that scene looked possessed or something. Very weird and doesn't fit with the rest of it at all.

    Was the "Doing Hermione a Favour" bit a reference to the adult fanfic by the same name written by Erbkaiser? Some of the dialogue was practically spot on.

    Besides that, I really liked the ending with the girls being pregnant. More of that, please!

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Unknown!
      I didn't want to use the same face for 1st year Hermione so I tweaked it a bit to make her look younger, sorry that it freaked you out so much :O

      Yup, that's the fanfiction it is based on, pretty good story if you ask me (at least the first few chapters, then it's all going downhill)

      I'm not much into pregnant porn, but perhaps we'll see the girls with her big bellies again eventually!

      Thanks again and see you around!

    2. Previous Unknown here,
      I think the freaky part of the young Hermione face was the fact that it looked too inhuman, very cartoony, which when added to the very childish voice was just creepy as hell.

      Yeah, DHAF did go downhill when it went down the magical bonds and Gringotts route that's rather cliche in HP fanfic and even erbkaiser got tired of it, which is why he abandoned the story. I talk to him from time to time online so I'll send him a link and see what he thinks.