Tuesday, July 9, 2013

[Note] Poll: Vote for your favorite Sexual Fetishes/Kinks

Hi guys,
there's a new poll on the left sidebar now, where you can select from several sexual fetishes/kinks which you would like to see in the upcoming pics, videos, etc.
I've tried to cover most of the common things and basically everything that can be realised technically, for anything else that's missed out we'll just have to see, but I hope that's fine with you.
I'll try my best to consider and fulfill all your needs and wishes :)
Thanks for your support!
So long, cheers and have fun!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

[Picture] Various pics of a posing Ginny Weasley

Hi guys, here I'm dropping a bunch of pictures with Ginny that I recorded some time ago.
Sorry about the rather low resolution, that was actually just a test shoot and not meant to be published
but I thought, why the hell not...
Have fun with this sexy, little redhead ;)


[67 pics, 30 MB]

Download from:
mega file-upload dropbox