Wednesday, April 1, 2015

[Poll] Next video(s)?

Hi guys,
just a quick question: which of the following videos would you like to see most?
I've collected all your suggestions and requests so far as well as my own ideas and now I'm asking you which of these below do you prefer to come first.
It is planned that all of them are being made eventually, but as you might have already noticed this can take quite a good while.
The next two videos "Dirty Packing Session at Privet Drive" and "Harry & Hermione Secret Sex Affair (Part 2)" are coming next and are therefore not included in the list.
You have time to vote until both of these are released, then I'm going to post the poll results here and start working on the ones with the most votes and descending in that order.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.
Thanks for your help and support!

Oh and btw, happy Easter to you all! ;D


Here is the list of planned videos and a short description:

(1) The Last 7th Year Virgins (Neville/Luna/maybe Ginny?)
Takes place during 7th year, when the trio is on the run and the remaining DA members are leading the resistance at Hogwarts.

(2) Double Take at the Yule Ball (Harry/Parvati/Padma/maybe Ron?)
The Patil twins are not too happy about their respective Yule Ball dates but after some events leading to each other the night still holds up some surprises (could possibly be based on Chapter 19 from the Spellbook of Desires).

(3) A Very Harry Christmas (Harry/Cho)
Harry's and Cho's first time in the Room of Requirement after their last DA meeting before christmas during 5th year.

(4) Why We Fight / Emotional Range of a Teaspoon (Ron/Hermione)
Ron and Hermione come to the conclusion that it's no longer necessary to fight.

(5) Peek/Spying inside the girls' Quidditch locker room (Harry/Angelina/Alicia/Katie)
Harry is caught spying on his female teammates.

(6) A Veela Nature (Harry/Fleur/Gabrielle)
Fleur introduces her younger sister to Harry.

(7) Sex Ed at Hogwarts (Harry/Hermione/Luna)
Harry needs Sex Ed because of his relationship with Cho during 5th year.
Hermione is willing to teach Harry, but needs a helping hand.
Luna volunteers and is used as practical demonstration (location: Hogwarts classroom)

(8) Yule Ball scene of (Harry/Hermione/Fleur/Cho)
Harry goes to the ball with Hermione and they cheer up Fleur and Cho when their partners ditch them.

(9) The Silver Line I Was Looking For (Harry/Ginny)
Ginny gives Harry his 17th birthday present. From Book 7 Deathly Hallows.

(10) 2 Part Series of (Harry/Hermione/Tonks) and (Harry/Fleur/Lavender)
Post-Hogwarts: H/Hr are married (no Weasley bf/gf past), Tonks' & Fleur's husbands have died and Lavender is a werewolf, so nobody would hire her and she is Harry's secretary; all of them live together and love each other (will be based on the story "Doing Hermione a Favour" by erbkaiser)
(11) Harry/Ginny/Luna/(Hermione or Cho?)
A Magical Foursome in the Room of Requirement (could be based on this or this story)

(12) Weasley is Our King! (Ron/Lavender)
Ron and Lavender have a special private celebration party after Gryffindor won the Quidditch cup during 6th year.

(13) Chocolate Love (Harry/Romilda)
What would have happened if Harry took the Chocolate with love potion from Romilda Vane in 6th Year?

(14) Slytherin Dungeon Party (Draco/Pansy/Daphne)
Light BDSM and Master/slave roleplay

(15) Various scenarios with (Draco/Hermione)
Could basically be anything (Head Girl & Boy, dom-sub, forced marriage, love potion or Imperius curse, etc.)

(16) Sexual torture in Malfoy Manor (Hermione/Bellatrix)
Depicting what went on when Ron and Harry were locked away in the cellar.

(17) (Harry/Ron/Narcissa)
While Hermione is tortured in Malfoy Manor, Narcissa Malfoy is having some fun with their prisoners.

(18) Hate You Very Much (Harry/Pansy)
An unlikely bond between enemies.

(19) With Best Intentions (Harry/Lavender/maybe Ron?)
Lavender is proving once again that she's the ultimate school slut.

(20) (Harry/Ron/Hermione)
The golden trio is finally complete.

(21) One Big Happy Weasley Family (Harry/Ginny/Ron/Hermione)
Everyone happy with each other ;)

(22) Harry Potter and the Unwinnable Fight (Harry/Hermione)
Harry and Hermione are trapped alone together in a seemingly endless realm of will they handle the situation?
I think this will probably be my personal magnum opus regarding this project, at least 4 or 5 parts each about 20 to 30 minutes long, with many many poses, just Harry and Hermione and how they slowly fall in love with each other (which includes of course lots of sex most of the time).
The original story from which it's based on (read it here, here or here) is very simple but great nevertheless.

This poll ended on November 2nd, 2015.
You can no longer vote.
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