Wednesday, October 2, 2013

[Note] No updates for the next two weeks!

Hi guys,
I'm sorry to inform you that there will be no updates for at least two weeks.
The reason is, that my main hard disk drive crashed down completely and that means all the working data regarding this blog is not accessible as well.
What is worse that I hadn't made any backup lately...
But don't worry, I've already given it to a professional data restore service by now and hopefully they'll be able to save most of the important stuff!
I'll keep you informed of the status of this annoying little incident.
So long, until further notice!

Update 11th Oct:
Positive news! They've finished analysing the hard disk and the data can be restored!
Downside is, it will approximately take 3-6 weeks and cost 1200 € (or 1632 $) T_T
But I think it's worth it, there's a lot of important stuff on it and I don't think I can get it back otherwise.
Thank god for payment by installments!